The PINECREST COMMUNITY HOMEOWNER's ASSOCIATION of Athens, Georgia held its annually mandated membership meeting in the community room of the nearby Fire Station #7 on 21 January. After the introduction of the attending members of the board by the President Bradley Langford,
the treasurer Dan Johnson submitted and discussed the 2015 financial report which is posted on the website. It was noted that because income exceeded total expenses [$16,535.07 - $16,500.45 = $34.62 surplus] the United States Federal government could learn a lesson from the PINECREST HOA. Collection of dues and liens for non-payment of dues were discussed - [don't mess with the IRS.] The expense of curbside house number painting is justified on the basis of the need for emergency vehicles to find an address - [the Constitution provides for the defense of the citizens.] Tree branches overhanging sidewalks were trimmed - [the Constitution provides for the health and welfare of the citizens.] Payment of the electric bill for the entrance sign saving $500 annually was transferred to the developer - [“Read my lips.”] The By-laws were amended to encourage more participation in the governance of PINECREST. An empty board member opening is available for anybody interested - [vote and be counted].

The agenda of the meeting was (1). a review of the 2015 activities (2). current issues and (3). possible 2016 activities. The review, issues, and possible activities overlapped because many of today's and tomorrow's issues are recurring problems from past years. Parking, speeding, unmaintained yards, pet owners not picking up after their “Poopers,” suspected drug related activities by non-residents at the pavilion, etc. were raised. It was repeatedly stated that because there is no enforcement clause in the PINECREST COVENANTS which are on file with the city-county that the board members are powerless to impose fines as a remedy to noncompliance. Furthermore, there is no provision to amend the covenants so that they could be enforced at the community level without resorting to an expensive court trial. The primary remedy is for residents and/or board members to attempt to reason with the miscreants or to call the ACC police non-emergency number at 706-613-3345 where appropriate.

To attempt to alleviate recurring problems there were proposals voiced that will be taken up at future board meetings. For example: Posting signs to “pick up after your pet” [the signs will disappear?]. Spotting plastic bags at strategic locations on the streets so that
there is no excuse for offenders not to pick up their pet's potentially health hazardous waste [the bags will go unused?]. Provide a site on the PINECREST HOA web to document offenders in the hope that the guilty persons will be publicly shamed into relenting [offenders are illiterate and cannot read?]. Send email to scofflaws of ordinances and reminders to the owners and/or tenants [landlords
and offenders are illiterate and therefore do not read email?]

Other matters to be discussed at future meetings include: a proposal to paint shutters [current quotes of $40.00 to $50.00 per window
seemed high; continue to fund the Family Fun Day (which accounts for 20 percent of the budget or use the funds for a different project); promote more use of the pavilion; a dog park at the pavilion; formalize pavilion reservation procedures (possibly with a community billboard), and other matters to improve our shared community.

Secretary Dan Blaylock has been replaced by J Cornelius whose contact number is 706-227-1286.

Interested HOA members are encouraged to particpate in future meetings. The meetings time and place will be posted on the community website at Come, let your voice be heard, and vote.

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Julie Cornelius
Spanish Teacher
East Jackson Comprehensive High School